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Facial Treatments

Dedicated to providing you with advanced skincare to maintain and improve skin health. Revive has customized treatments that focus on your specific skincare concerns. We carry only the most effective line of products.

Spray Tan



 Full Body $30
 Legs $20
 Arms/Shoulders $20 
 Face $10 

Ion Foot Detox


Ion Foot Detox  





 Skin Therapy Treatments

Pure Results Facial
These clinical facials begin with a thorough skin analysis to determine your personal products and protocols followed by cleansing, steam and extraction.   After a consultation, together we will choose from the following treatments:
Anti-aging ≈ Brightening ≈ Hydrating
Multi-Vitamin ≈ Soothing
Tightening & Firming

Teen Facial
Good Skin care starts young.  This educational facial not only thoroughly cleanses the skin, but helps the preteen and teenager to embark on a lifetime of good skincare.
Acne Facial
A purifying  facial targeting blemish prone skin with deep pore cleansing impurity extraction, high frequency to disinfect the surface of the skin and an anti-bacterial treatment to soothe and heal the skin.
Rosacea Facial
Desighned for those who have rosacea, acne rosacea or very sensitive skin.  This facial will effectively treat your condition's symptoms and flare-ups. Specific ingredients help to decongest micro vascular circulation and strengthen capillary walls.  Skin is soothed and calmed.
Back Facial
Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and moisturizing come together to achieve results on your hard to reach, dry, itchy or acne prone back.
Revitalizing Eye Treatment
Helps reduce eye puffiness and the appearance of fine lines.  Includes a pressure point massage to increase circulation.
Ultrasonic Facial
A state of the art technology that uses low frequency sound waves to provide exfoliation, penetration of antioxidants, vitamins and other
powerful ingredients at a deeper cellular level, and skin balancing restoration to return skin cells to their normal functions.  Ideal for acne, age management, and rosacea.


Advanced Skincare Treatments

We offer a wide range of powerful peels which are highly recommended for acne, age spots, dry skin, dull complexions, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles as well as resurfacing the skin.
Glycolic/Lactic Treatment

$40 or
Salicylic Treatment $40
Oxygen RX Treatment $80
Swich Dermal Rejuvination $80
PCA Peels $60-$80
*All treatments include skin analysis and a skin patch test.
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